Lesbos Island


How to relax and enjoy your holiday in Lesbos, Greece to the fullest

Sep 16, 2013 | Travel

1 week on the island of Lesbos, Greece

When you hear the word Greece you automatically feel relaxed and that is exactly what the typical hard-working person wants to achieve during a vacation.

You can easily get lost in time when your destination is Lesbos, a Greek island close to the Turkish border. A hot sun, dry air and surrounded by a warm sea, this is the perfect place to relax.

A good friend of mine asked me once:
“Why don’t you join me to the beautiful island of Lesbos in Greece?”

Of course, I couldn’t resist his request.

Sappho House

This was a house owned by Bob Vansant, a Belgian psychotherapist-counselor who had been active on the island of Lesbos for many years. I think he had a good time there and the local people accepted him with open arms.

As a person I don’t know him that well, because I just spent one week at one of his studios and he wasn’t there all the time. In the morning he brought breakfast for the people who were present, so that he could meet us and have a little chat.

Nearby Hotspots

The Castle of Molyvos (or Mithymna) is overlooking the town of Mithymna and is an impressive fortress in Greece. It was built by the Byzantines but contains stones of an earlier castle which had been besieged by Achilles himself during the Trojan War.

In case you prefer to go to the beach, the closest although a pebble beach is only a 3-minute walk down the road. Or if you like to take a refreshing dip in the nearby swimming pool then that is not even a 2-minute walk from the Sappho House to the Akti Hotel where you can enjoy a free swim.

Another recommendation is the hot springs of Eftalou. It’s not easy to find but once you’re there you will not regret it. See map below for the location.

As Lesbos is rather a hilly island it is best to rent a motorbike at Mithymna, the nearest city where all the restaurants and shops are. It is either 20 minutes by foot or 4 minutes by taxi. The taxi is 4 to 5 euros though.

Hot Springs, Eftalou

Garden Gnomes

You can see those lovely-painted garden gnomes just everywhere around the Sappho House.
Lesbos has the bigger of the 2 most important Petrified Forests in the world, aging approximately 20 million years old.

Lesbos is the 3rd biggest island of Greece and is producing one of the best olive oil in the world.

Sappho was an Archaic Greek lyric poet, born on the island of Lesbos. She could have been born around 630 BC.

Horses of Lesbos

Horseback riding can be another type of relaxation and on this lovely island there are plenty of options to choose from. Ippos is just one of them.

As I like taking pictures of almost everything, I shot this beautiful horse as well.

Turkey is not far away

In the background you can see how close Turkey is situated. It is only 13 km away.

Fishing in Lesbos

Spectacular rock formations are common in Lesbos and it is well known that it has more rocky beaches than sand ones.

Fishing is very popular here because of the many restaurants that can be found near the harbour which serves great fish. Just so deliciously fresh and tasty.

Unfortunately psychotherapist Bob Vansant peacefully passed away on December 8, 2017.

He was the owner of the Sappho house at this beautiful island Lesbos in Greece.
Meanwhile its name changed to Mytilini Blue Sea Apartments since February 28, 2018.

» Written by Alan who goes under the name of twin-rhino | Published on September 16, 2013