10 Christmas Gifts

for your dog

10 Christmas gifts for your dog

Nov 29, 2018 | Pets

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10 Christmas Gifts

For your dog

1. Snacks

Many dogs love food, so buying them some delicious snacks can make them very happy.

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2. Fun Toys

Some dogs love playing with all kinds of toys.

3. A Warm Bed

Being cold is never fun and so for your dogs too. That’s why a nice and comfy bed is the perfect idea for your pet to sleep in.

4. A Fleece Blanket

Does your dog love being near you but you don’t have a bed in every room? Then the best solution is a soft and warm blanket for them to lay on or lay under. You can also use the fleece on the couch for you and your pooch.

5. Christmas Outfits

This may not be for your dog specifically. It’s more for the owner, but it’s always awesome and super cute to dress your floof up for the Christmas spirit. You can give him or her a cute Santa-suit or an elf-suit. Maybe some cute antlers, a Christmas hat or an adorable bandana?

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6. A Raincoat

As everyone knows that during winter a lot of rain and snow will fall. Giving your dog a waterproof jacket is a good thing to do. They will get less sick and will be more warm during walks.

7. A Cute Collar or Leash Set

Want something to show everyone that it’s Christmas? Buy your dog a cute Christmas dog collar and leash set.

8. Bowls

You can even get your dog very pretty food and water bowls.

9. Adopt a dog

If you are looking for a second dog, you can always look in the shelters to look for a new brother or sister for you dog. Adopting a dog means you save a dog’s life and the dog will be forever thankful for your gesture.

10. Your Time

What your dog needs most is spending time with your dog. Go on walks and give him some of your time. Your dog love being with you no matter what you are doing together. Maybe you can train him, walk him, give him a bath or even watch a movie together. Give your dog a lot of love to celebrate Christmas.

Enjoy your Christmas holidays and have a pawsome time!! Which dog accessories would you like to add to this list? Comment below…

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