Lourdes Sino-ag

I met Lourdes on my first ever vacation to Hong Kong in the year 2017 and it didn’t take me long to fall in love with this Filipino lady. She was wearing all black and a cap from Adidas when we went to Macau and she somehow got my attention as soon as we met. It must have been her beautiful eyes!
Oh yes, true.

At the end of that same day we got to know each other better and soon after that I called her my love.

These photos are taken during our trip to The Philippines in August 2019.

And yes, we go there again in 2020!

© Photo by Alan Cuypers | 24/08/2019


My free day is every Sunday and I’d like to hike as much as possible. The place where I live at the moment, Hong Kong, is perfect for short hikes to the mountains or even an island.

I have a love for exploring and all I want is exploring the world with my dear love.

I come from The Philippines, a country with many white beaches and plenty coconut trees, perfect crystal-clear waters for scuba diving, lots of rice terraces or sugar cane fields, amazing waterfalls and lots more, all in one country

Soon I’ll be exploring Europe where my dearest love lives.

© Photo by Alan Cuypers

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