De Badboot

De Badboot – The Swimming pool with no happy ending

Mar 20, 2016 | Urban

When “De Badboot” started In 1969, it was a barge to transfer the Antwerp fire brigade to the other side of the Scheldt.

The Scheldt is a river that separates Antwerp City from Linkeroever, located in the north of Belgium.

Its main reason was to assist the fire brigade to cross the Scheldt should problems occur in the Kennedy Tunnel.

In 2012, the owner converted it into a swimming pool meant to be stationed in the Kattendijkdok also in Antwerp.

It was a great success according to the local newspaper and the people of Antwerp, with many visitors for a few years.

During the winter period the swimming pool was transformed into a skating rink.

This barge had its own bar and party centre with a total length of 120 metres long.

The swimming pool itself was 30 by 9,5 with a depth of 1,35 metres.

In 1977, Historian and architect Rem Koolhaas wrote The Story of the Pool.

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Sadly “De Badboot” didn’t live very long and sank for an unknown reason to the bottom of the dock on September 18, 2015.


» Written by Alan who goes under the name of twin-rhino | Published on March 20, 2016