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Alan & Lourdes Portrait Philippines Lakawon Island 2019


We are Twin Rhino, a collab between two individuals who bring you amazing content about travelling and things you could do while awaiting global pandemic restrictions to ease. Hey Coronavirus, go away, you little monster! 👹

This blog started in 2015 as a portfolio website to showcase Alan’s photographs about urban exploration and his utmost crazy travel adventures. Then it became a blog with random posts and today we are only adding more crazy adventures from pre-COVID times, back then when the globe was a lovely place for all of us to see and explore freely… 🛫

Hope to see your stunning country too one day!

Until then, adiós amigos…

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Dig through our archive of exclusive materials collected from past adventures and recent travels. Choose “The Terminus” if you like to follow us wherever we go or opt for “The Story” if you would like to read about how Twin Rhino’s creator became a man who fell in love with a Filipina.

Selected Highlights

Hong Kong By Night
Hong Kong Harbour Landscape
Tian Tan Big Bhudda

Hong Kong

dec 2017

Alan & his Belgian friend Hannes explored many places, in fact many interesting ones often unseen by the casual person. Urban exploration is what keeps them thriving for even more adventure. Thanks to one of their videos on Youtube Antwerp Pre-Metro, The Hong Kong Radio & Television station RTHK contacted them for their Urban Exploration II series. Watch here.

After the wild exploration and interviews about abandoned buildings and even a whole town in Belgium they invited Alan to visit Hong Kong and I immediately agreed upon their request.


apr 2012

This theme park had quite a lot to offer from 1969 until 2002 for the many children of Berlin, including two urban explorers from Belgium while on holidays in 2014.

Space observatory

nov 2017

Intruiged by a famous comic called Futurama we saw this stunning excentric building which looks like an observatory and by accident found on Google maps. What else could hold us up to explore this unique characteristic building?

Holland creates space | MVRDV – Expo 2000

Holland creates space | MVRDV – Expo 2000

“Holland creates space” was the theme for the Netherlands Pavilion at the 2000 World Expo in Hannover and on the day we visited this architectural masterpiece it didn’t look very “in use” to us.