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Our dream: making a trebuchet

Our dream was to make a historical war machine. A trebuchet was build to besiege an enemy by man power and with the help of a huge wooden structure to catapult objects toward the enemy. The trebuchet existed from the 4th century BC as a siege weapon until the 13th century. I adore the mechanism and the thought about how those men fought with it during the war.

Alan’s strange habit

A strange habit of mine…
It’s un unstoppable process where I’m going to pass out in the end. It bothers me a lot but I’ll have to deal with it until I die. Fortunately nothing all too serious or bad, just a little issue I truly wish to be different.

Architecture of Antwerp, Belgium

From the typical architecture of Antwerp to its world famous painters and artists.
Combined with my eye for indoor and outdoor architectural photography this article will be very delightful to scroll through.

Statue of the Future, a moment of silence

Do we have to build a new statue “the Statue of the Future” on the solid ground of Belgium?
It is terrifying to hear such bad news of Brussels today.

Family Party – 2015

It is once again time for our family party, because first of all it is a very long time ago since we organised one. And secondly because we had some amazing things to share with all of our friends and relatives.

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