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The Battle of Verdun – A visit in May 2019

Me, my colleague and his wife went on a two-day trip in May 2019 to see some impressive leftovers from the battle of Verdun in France. He knows for sure almost everything about war so it was a very interesting thing to experience.

Travel diary: Hong Kong, winter 2018

Once again I picked Hong Kong for Christmas because 365 days ago I met my other half. She’s sweet and beautiful, simply all I can ever hope for. So, yes my trip to Hong Kong was beyond great and I had 3 weeks to enjoy it to the fullest… and it truly was memorable. A picturesque photo album of my trip.

Travel photography gear guide 2018

What’s in my camera bag? I love taking pictures of beautiful moments while I travel or when I visit amazing places. Keeping those memories with you are great to enjoy them later while you look through plenty of photo albums.

Where to stay in Hong Kong – Best recommendations

My best hotel, hostel & resort recommendations in Hong Kong all in one post. So far I did some of them and will do more very soon. I am surprised by the layout of certain hotels in the big city, but once you’re at a decent property you’ll really feel very welcome and spoiled.

Travel guide: 14 best places to visit in Hungary

I simply fell in love with the country. Budapest is such a beautiful city with many secrets and top-class specialties. Hungary’s countryside is as spectacular as its capital. This trip was a true experience and I kept some Hungarian Forints for next time.

Travel diary: Hong Kong, winter 2017

Hong Kong was magnificent and extraordinary, simply an amazing place to explore from top to bottom and find new friends. A short review of all the places, hotels/hostels, hikes and daytrips are included in this blog.

10 days in Taiwan – January 2016

My trip to Taiwan was extraordinary, marvellous, sometimes spicy when it came to driving across a 3000 metre high mountain range right in the middle of the island, but after all the adventure was well worth it.

First Italian peak trek, the Gran Paradiso – September 2015

After a beautiful trip to the higher grounds of Europe, just out of reach for the dark clouds, we returned home safely with a lot of nice pictures and memories to never forget. We topped the Gran Paradiso in Italy in open sky and temperatures high above zero, that’s how it was.

4 days in Riga, Latvia – August 2015

There is so much to see in this city and four days is just not enough. I didn’t go for a swim in the nearby Baltic Sea, I didn’t bought anything from the Riga Central Market and I didn’t do any museum, but I stretched my legs instead and had a good walk in and around the city.

Germany and Poland – July 2014

A road trip to Germany and Poland took me and Hannes to many unknown places in both countries, an extra special event awaited us at the end of our two-weeks holiday.

1 week in Lesbos, Greece – September 2013

A good friend of mine asked me once: “Why don’t you join me to the beautiful island of Lesbos in Greece?” I heard him talking about that island for a while now and I thought yeah why not… It was pretty much worth it, perfect weather, beautiful place and lots of sweet sunsets.

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