Urban Exploration

Tour de la Famenne – The Elevated Restaurant of Belgium

Me and a good friend of mine stumbled upon this urbex treasure while exploring Wallonia, the south part of Belgium, and we were extremely excited to enter such a tall architectural structure on the highway from Marche-en-Famenne to Namur. It was truly worth the visit.

What once was the oldest theme park of Belgium, Dadipark

Dadipark was amzing to visit, we even slept on the parking lot at the back. And best of all experiences was that we arrived on the day of Halloween. Imagine some scary and noisy people entering the park from where we were camping…

Ngong Ping Tea Garden, Hong Kong

The tea garden of Hong Kong was once a great business, but as the last owner passed away, he had no one to take over this time-consuming job.

Spreepark, Germany

Germany is probably one of the best places in Europe for urban exploring enthusiasts with Berlin being a very interesting city to explore history from an exciting era. From leftovers of the war to theme parks, factories, castles, houses and much more.

The sanatorium for curing tuberculosis

A sanatorium is a medical facility for long-term illness, most typically associated with treatment of tuberculosis (TB). A.k.a. the “Great White Plague”.

Château Miranda – the fairytale castle of Noisy, Belgium

This Château was built in 1866 by architect Edward Milner. However, Milner died before the castle was finished. Construction was completed in 1907 after the clock tower was erected. As of 2018 it is completely demolished to the ground.

l’Amicale Solvay a.k.a. piscine mosaique

Let’s go back in time and see how things changed at l’Amicale Solvay. A building constructed for the workers of Solvay in 1935 to accommodate them with a cinema, a casino and a swimming pool.

Post X – was the biggest post sorting office of Belgium

This building was for sure the biggest mastodont of Antwerp until it came into disuse and finally in a state of neglect. I’ve known this building for years and my parents had to go there for their mail. This huge post sorting office was in use until 2007 and it was built around 1987/1988.

The Red Star Train – a collection of historical trains

A picture of an abandoned train with a star of the Soviet Union on its nose is not something you see every day.
Quickly figured out that its location was Budapest and that this beauty was long forgotten glory of a past era.

Villa 19 – an old abandoned villa with a greenhouse

This was a special one, I admit. Close to Sint-Niklaas and only 19 kilometres from home, so I decided to go there by bike. I’m a real cycling fan and enjoy simply everything of this sport, especially mountain biking.

De Badboot – The Swimming pool with no happy ending

What once was a truly awesome swimming pool ship, moored to quay at the Kattendijkdok in Antwerp.
It sank to the bottom and a year later a lifting vessel digged up three parts of the ship and soon the last leftover was taken to the scrapyard.

Abandoned navy ships

At least half an hour of paddling until we reached our destination, a massive bow of a ship rose in front of us. We picked the largest ship to our delight, a huge military French frigate anchored at the bay for years. Covered in rust and ready to be dismantled at the yard at any time.

An underground adventure in the Premetro of Antwerp

A premetro is a form of public transport as a tramway, which includes segments built to rapid transit standards, usually by the construction of tunnels in or near the central city area. And the premetro of Antwerp was just so awesome to explore. Too bad it’s now in use.

The Bucket Dredger

The weather was pretty nice on a beautiful day in June, just perfect for spending a day outside. This time I wanted to explore the gigantic Argex dragline machine just 20 minutes from home, standing bulky near a clay pit in Kruibeke.

Zone Braams

A huge whitish sphere somewhere in the fields of Flanders, looking impressively good for its age. At first you recognise a bit of a weird shape and what the heck is it doing there in the middle of nowhere, you ask yourself. Yet another pearl gone unfortunately.

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