Hiking the Cascade de Chanxhe in Belgium

Jul 24, 2021 | Belgium, Hiking | 0 comments

Hiking the Cascade de Chanxhe in Belgium

Jul 24, 2021 | Belgium, Hiking | 0 comments

Cascade de Chanxhe | Waterfalls of Belgium.

A Family Hike.

By Alan & His Family | A Belgian Family

© Alan Cuypers | Oneplus 7T Pro | Chanxhe Waterfalls

The Cascade

What does cascade mean?

Cascade is the French word for waterfalls. As we have some small waterfalls here in Belgium like the Cascade De Coo & Cascade du Bayehon, there are even smaller ones in the country which are all nothing compared to other massive ones around the world. But we Belgians do enjoy their uniqueness and sometimes visit these waterfalls when the weather is perfect for a hike.

They may be more impressive after heavy rainfall when water levels rose to fill up the small streams.

This time around it didn’t rain very often and we found just a cute waterfall in Chanxhe, not far from the city of Liège.

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© Alan Cuypers | Oneplus 7T Pro | Chanxhe Waterfalls

© Alan Cuypers | Oneplus 7T Pro | Chanxhe Waterfalls

Where is Chanxhe?

Its location?

It is located just 15 kilometers to the south of Liège in the east of Belgium.

The area is prone to flooding from the Ourthe river due to its proximity to the river, although the waterlevels of the Ourthe are usually not very high nor frequent.

But this year the river Ourthe & Vesder flooded due to sever rainfall and flooded many houses as a result. Read more about it here.

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© Alan Cuypers | Oneplus 7T Pro | The Ourthe river near Chanxhe



Carrieres de Sprimont et de Chanxhe – Sprimont Blue?

Quarries of Belgium

In Belgium we have many quarries like stone groves, chalk quarries, black marble quarries, etc.

In Chanxche the limestone quarry is still in use today where blue stone in extracted.

The Golzinne quarry is probably the most well-known quarry for its Belgian Black marble, or Noir Belge in French. This Belgian gold can be seen at the Tournai Cathedral or the Premonstratensian Monastery in Mechelen, also known as the Averbode Abbey. It is extracted at least 70 meters under the ground and water pumps must operate constantly to keep the seeping water out of the mine.

Alan has been to a couple of underground quarries where adventure was key to the explore. Upcoming blogs about his adventures will soon be added.

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© Alan Cuypers | Oneplus 7T Pro | The Ourthe river near Chanxhe

Our Thoughts.

Was it worth it, was it a good hike?

Every hike is different, and this hike was, to our surprise a bit less impressive then, say, our previous hike where we met a couple of donkeys grazing in the snowy landscape and a funny sign with the word “Spoozbzug” on it meaning Rail bridge, but with the wrong Flemish spelling as it should be “Spoorbrug”.

Chanxche is probably more impressive after rainfall and thereby our next time will most likely be during a season where rain is likely to be present.

This city is also known for its historic heritage, namely the Château des Maîtres de Forges, which is built in the year 1656 and located on the banks of the Ourthe, to the south of the village.

As long as we can hike we’re more than happy, that’s what we always used to say and this time it wasn’t any different.

We had a lot of fun, the dogs were happy to be free for a day and we did our workout once again.

See you in the next one…

Cascade de Chanxhe - Waterfalls of Chanxhe

© Alan Cuypers | Oneplus 7T Pro | The watefalls of Chanxhe – Les Cascade de Chanxhe

We did have a lot of fun here as you all can see! 🤗

Misleading is the beautiful sun as it did shine bright upon our skins, nevertheless the temperatures wheren’t very high as it was a rather chilly day in April.

We Belgians are prepared for anything so our warm jackets kept us warm to say the least.

It can be said that climbing is in all of our blood and when we see a climbing rope, we climb it. Duh! 🧗‍♀️

© Peter Cuypers | iPhone | Alan Climbes to the other side

MVRDV - Expo 2000 Hannover
MVRDV - Expo 2000 Hannover

© Iris Cuypers | Olympus E-PL5 | Trained monkees

MVRDV - Expo 2000 Hannover

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Capturing old things on camera is one thing, presenting all our footage on this blog is another.

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