HIN-urbex – History in nature

A Belgian urban exploring group of two individuals united in the year 2004.
Our vision to explore abandoned buildings or any other structure left behind by humanity or other beings on planet earth started around 2010 with the visit of a petroleum site at Antwerpen Petroleum Zuid, now called Antwerp Blue Gate. In the first year of our 20’s we had the desire to go out and have more fun exploring desolate places than skateboarding and doing tricks on our mountain bikes. Not much later we took our first camera with us to capture those places mostly unseen by the public and so our adventures started to grow.

Thanks to both father’s we got to know each other and I first met his son when my father took me with him to their home. He was playing a video game on the iMac G4, a beautiful and powerful machine for its time by the Apple Inc. company. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater it was, and I loved it right away. We played the game for years and tried several tricks ourselves on the local square near my home. It was so much fun. Every weekend then, he stayed at my place and we continued to play on my father’s G4, both our parents were always very fond of Apple computers and my father treated me with a video game every time my scores at school were getting better. So, I could spend my free time at the computer and had the spirit to learn a bit more than usual.

We visit industrial sites like factories, castles, smaller ruins, hotels, even some buildings still in development or even a ghost village like Kolmanskop in Namibia, we explore it all but yet so many things are still on our wish list.


Real steel


Metro, tunnel, sewer


Satellites and radio stations


Castles and leftovers from the war

Theme Parks

Let the fun begin


Hospitals for the ill and asylums for the insane


Villas and houses



Swimming Pools

Swimming and sauna


Creepy hotels and beautiful hotspots


Universities and schools


Vintage steam locomotives and carriages


Warships, bunkers and more


Race tracks for horses

Tea farms

Asian tea and its sad history