Labour, Hard Labour

Bricks, steel, coal, wheat transport and collection, paper, mail, you name it. We’ve seen so many factories vanished in the years. Mostly they’ve been long abandoned since we visited them but some were just recently left behind for nothing. Just some old furniture and dust remains, although we always hope to dig up some historical facts of its companies that once had a blooming business in it.

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Brickyard Frateur Boom

Visited on 04/08/2019

Cockerill Sambre Chertal

Visited on 20/07/2019

Cockerill Sambre Ougree

Visited on 25/11/2018

Cockerill d'Anderlues

Visited on 21/01/2017

Hasard Cheratte

Visited on 06/05/2017


Visited on 25/09/2016


Visited on 27/04/2014

Brepols Turnhout

Visited on 09/05/2013

C-mine Winterslag

Visited on 10/09/2011

Hasard Cheratte

Visited on 10/07/2011

Brickyard Frateur Boom

Visited on 23/04/2011

Hasard Cheratte

Visited on 16/01/2011