l'Amicale Solvay

l’Amicale Solvay a.k.a. piscine mosaique

Aug 1, 2017 | Urban

Let’s go back in time…

Can you imagine what kind of look my face had when I entered this building for the second time?
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L’Amicale Solvay

Around 1937 Solvay built a complex to accommodate its own employees with a casino, an auditorium, a restaurant, a shop and a swimming pool, all in one place. In 1938 the building opened in commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the company. The swimming pool had a length of 25, a width of 12 and a depth of 3 metres. Not much later the pool opened for nearby schools, sport clubs and even a diving club. The building stayed in the hands of Solvay until 1994 and since 2005 it stood completely abandoned due to high renovational costs and neglect.

We found this building during our Belgian urban exploration tour in … 2013. The front cyclindrical-shaped entrance almost completely intact and there was still an accessible parking space right next the building. With my dad’s huge Land Rover Defender we crossed the roundabout to continue the tour through Charleroi and we arrived from the south side of the city. An abandoned building took attention and I stopped immediately. We were lucky, very lucky, to find this building in an early abandoned state with almost no visible damage of previous visitors. Some small tags were already seen on a few windows but that was about it. Only material for renovations were found near the swimming pool. Everything else was untouched and ready to be photographed by urbex people. Useful furniture in the cantine and at the other side of the building, where the casino was, were placed like someone was living here but he or she was nowhere to be found and we neither heard anything.

The swimming pool was the first odd thing we stumbled upon and a little while later we entered the grand theatre room. Our trip couldn’t be any better and we were very glad that we stopped here. Sometimes the best things are found when you are on the road, but most of these buildings are hidden from the streets and need some research.

» Written by Alan who goes under the name of twin-rhino | Published on August 1, 2017