Dogs are man's best friend

The story of my sister Iris

Story of my sister Iris on how we got our first dog

Nov 18, 2018 | Pets

Dogs are man’s best friend

The story of my youngest sister Iris on how we got our first dog

As we all know, dogs are very popular and many people own one or even multiple. And so do we. We got a dog in 2015, 3 years ago.

I will tell you the story of our dog Lucy.

I wanted a dog my whole life but never was allowed to have one. So I kept studying dog breeds, dog behavior and more. I learned so many things and I even got to know something many people don’t know. Many shops that sell dogs are puppy mills. Puppy mills are places where they breed many dogs and sell them for expensive prices even though their parents and themselves were poorly and even horribly cared for. Many of them are sick and die very early.

Finding options

That is why I started to look for other options of how to get a dog. I then found good breeders that only have one breed, which is good because that means they don’t have too many dogs to care for. But these dogs were even more expensive than the dogs in puppy mills.

I always wanted a specific dog breed, but when I kept looking for other ways to get a dog I found the best solution. Adopting a dog. It made me feel good that I found this, because when you adopt a dog you do so much good in the world. You do not only rescue the dog, you don’t encourage people to breed more and more dogs even when there’s so many dogs on the streets and in shelters. 

Fostering dogs

When I found this I still wasn’t allowed to get a dog, so I continued to find ways of getting one. Then I found fostering. I thought that was a wonderful idea to make my parents fall in love with dogs. So I told them, and I was allowed to foster a dog.

First I fostered a beautiful and sweet German shepherd mix, Memba. But she got adopted in a week. I was sad but also happy that she found her forever home. Then I send a mail to a different rescue organization “Arca Noah”.

Adopting dogs

When I sent a mail to them, they immediately replied and asked if they could bring an emergency case dog to me. This dog was Lucy. She was maltreated very badly and was so scared when she first came and was very angry at people around her, except me and my sister. She was so sweet to us and trusted me very quickly. She had to learn so much and get used to everything around her. Now she’s the most happy dog in town and she’s beautiful too.

After a month of fostering we decided to adopt her. As time went by, we went on many adventures together and now she became a part of the family. We all love her.

If you are looking for a dog, consider fostering one and if you love him/her you can go for an adoption.

I included the link to a European dog adoption site.

Christmas for your dog!

Loving the Christmas spirit? You can make it even more awesome by giving your dog his or her own Christmas. I gave my dog her own Christmas dog collar and leash. It suits her really well. You can also get your dog a cute Christmas suit or even antlers.

But when Christmas arrives, it gets really cold outside. If your dog doesn’t like the cold and rainy weather you can get him/her an awesome raincoat. Lucy hates the cold and doesn’t appreciate the rain so much, so she gets to wear her coat on every rainy walk.

Other Christmas gifts include a nice mix of snacks for your dog, a soft and warm bed for them to sleep on when it’s cold, some toys and maybe even new food and water bowls.

Have a nice Christmas everyone!

» Written by Iris who goes under the name of twin-rhino | Published on November 19, 2018