The Red Star Train

The Red Star Train – a collection of historical trains27 min read

Jan 9, 2017 | Urbex

The Red Star Train

A collection of historical trains in Budapest

A picture of an abandoned train with a star of the Soviet Union on its nose is not something you see every day.

Quickly figured out that its location was Budapest, Hungary and that this beauty was long forgotten glory of a past soviet era. So it came easily to my mind to travel to this country and have a blast of a good time exploring not one but many old relics of trains.

My trip to Hungary was great and those trains were real killer beasts to take cool pictures of.

MÁV class 301 Steam Train

One of Europe’s most powerful express train locomotive.

Build date: 1913

Configuration: 4-6-2 “Pacific” steam locomotive
Four leading wheels on two axles, six powered and coupled driving wheels on three axles and two trailing wheels on one axle. The 4-6-2 locomotive became almost globally known as a Pacific type.

Total weight: 84.7 tonnes

MÁV class 424 Steam Train

Double-chimneyed, superheated machine, nicknamed Buffalo and Nurmi.

Build date: 1924–1958

Configuration: 4-8-0 in Whyte notation
Four leading wheels on two axles, usually in a leading truck or bogie, eight powered and coupled driving wheels on four axles and no trailing wheels. Total production: 514 pieces in Hungary alone.

Total weight: 137.7 tonnes

Baleset [ˈbɒlɛʃɛt]


baleset ‎(plural balesetek)

  1. accident (befalling, mishap, casualty)

There stood this strange truck in front of the old train hangar, with the word Baleset written backwards so people could read it without too much effort through their rear-view mirrors.

MÁV – Magyar Államvasutak or Hungarian State Railways

The first steam locomotive railway line was opened on 15 July 1846 between Pest and Vác, which is regarded as birth date of the Hungarian railways.

The Romantic poet Sándor Petőfi rode on the first train and wrote an occasional poem, predicting that rails would connect Hungary like blood vessels in the human body.

A Hungarian-overhauled jet-powered snow blower

A powerful but homely creature, the Hungarian-overhauled Snowzilla sounds like 10,000 hair dryers running at once and resembles a cross between an aardvark and a tollbooth.

It sits on railroad wheels, weighs 26,000 pounds (11,79 tonnes), and measures 8 by 12 by 27 feet (2,44 by 3,66 by 8,23 metres) — though most of that length is taken up by its elongated snout and defers from type of engine used.

Its thirst for fuel is so great — it guzzles 900 gallons in a single run — that a tanker truck must follow it from station to station, depending on which type of snow blower the kerosene fuel tank can be mounted onto the machine.


A beautiful country to travel to! Polite people, good food, interesting architecture, tempting landscapes and nature, and so much more.

Hungary was my second solo trip and was so great I returned a second time in July 2017 with my friend Korneel.

Read more about my 14 best places to visit in Hungary in the link below.

The Basilica of Esztergom, Szent István tér 1, Hungary

Domed, neoclassical style place of worship, built from 1822 to 1856 with a crypt & ornate interior.

How I took this photo?

Shot this in bright daylight and the brand-new Sigma lens was blocking the sun for me. I had to edit the shadows because they were too dark. Resulting in more noise, but I added even more in Adobe Lightroom just to alter a better effect.

Where I took this photo?

My balcony, Antwerp Belgium

Date taken: 30/07/2016

1/400 sec
ISO 100
27 mm

Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 24-70 mm lens

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Mighty steam trains aren’t they? What do you think… you like to go there but want to ask me a question? Share below…

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