Hong Kong & The Philippines

Summer 2019

You wonder why a triple times

Hong Kong


Simply put…

Because I love it there hehe, well it’s kind of true though.

No, let’s go back to December 2017…

During my second day in Hong Kong I met a bunch of Filipinos and one of them became my one true love and that is why I am going to Hong Kong so many times.

Travel diary: Hong Kong & The Philippines, summer 2019

Oct 13, 2019 | Travel

The Philippines

Manila | Palawan | Negros

My thirty-first country is

The Philippines

Yes, you read that right! I travelled to thirty countries but non of them beats The Philippines.

I went to The Philippines together with my dearest Lourdes to visit her home country and most importantly her family. The adventure was nothing but spectacular and extraordinary, both awesome and exhausting, my eyes had a lot to take in but above all I managed to keep up the pace we were going.

Manila was a crazy experience with all those jeepneys and tricycles overtaking local traffic ruling out fast transit between our destinations with sometimes travel times up to an hour for just 7 kilometres. Yeah traffic is chaotic over here but it was so interesting to be able to take those funky jeepneys brought in by the US army during World War 2 into The Philippines.

Did you see that kuya jeepney driver with some Philippine Peso in between his fingers… !
This is how they collect money from passengers. 

This is 

The Philippines

Manila is just the biggest city out there, but if you travel further into The Philippines your eyes will brighten up very quickly.

Take the island of Palawan for example and you’re good to go for a week or two or even more. I and Lourdes spent 5 days on this island and we wished we could stay longer. For sure we will come back again although August is considered rainy season and well yeah it rained a lot too.

Me, Lourdes, her mother, her two kids and her uncle went 4 days to her birthday island called Negros. This was a very special experience and I enjoyed every moment of it. All went great and smooth and we had a lot of fun on the road, at her family, on the beach and on the island Lakawon in the burning sun.

The best way to travel on this island is by renting a car just like we did and we can recommend you Rodgeville Dumaguete. They are very kind and helpful when in trouble. Just don’t forget to switch of the headlights when you park the car! 😅

This was it!

This was it but soon more…

» Written by Alan who goes under the name of twin-rhino | Published on October 16, 2019

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