I am an urbex enthusiast and explore awesome places. True.

I know what I am doing sometimes. True.

I don’t care much about the consequences. True.

Abandoned navy ships from the second world war era.
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© Alan Cuypers & Hannes Hulstaert | May 2015

A guided tour trough a large part of the old premetro tunnel of Antwerp planned for use in the 80’s but never finished until April 2015.

© Alan Cuypers | April 2015

A series of abandoned bunkers dating from the second world war. These underground mazes of terror were sealed off but the team of HIN-URBEX still found a way in…

© Alan Cuypers & Hannes Hulstaert | 2015

Abandoned Military Radar | Zone Braams
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© Alan Cuypers | 2013-2014

Spreepark, east Berlin. Although it’s abandoned, the Ferris wheel keeps on turning without end. The brakes who try to stop the mechanism only cause this screaming sound which echoes all over the park.

No sound was edited in these clips.

© Hannes Hulstaert | 2012

In 2011 we stumbled upon a 20-story appartement building which was abandoned due to financial problems in a renovation project. Most furniture and belongings of the inhabitants where left behind as well as their stories within the walls. We managed to get inside and explore these forgotten places.

© Alan Cuypers & Hannes Hulstaert | 2011

In 2010 we decided to investigate the underground railway network of Antwerp. A big part of these tunnels have been unused since 1988. We tried to capture every corner to show others what lies beneath our feet. Rooms as big as cathedrals and complex mazes…
In 2011, the city of Antwerp finally decided to open the tunnels for further use of the premetro network.
For the full story behind our visit to the premetro click here.

© Alan Cuypers & Hannes Hulstaert | 2011