Villa 19 – an old abandoned villa with a greenhouse

Apr 12, 2016 | Urban

Villa number 19

An abandoned villa with a greenhouse

It was a lazy Saturday and didn’t know what to do, but as you know I love cycling and I ride the bike from home to work every single day, no matter the weather. I just go for it and I simply love the freedom, and it would take me longer if I went by car!

I went out around five in the afternoon and it took me an hour and ten minutes to get there. A heavy blow in the face was my only slowdown. Ah well, the sun was shining and the temperature was great.

When I arrived at the villa my eyes were already fueled with excitement, so huge it was! I was surprised that it wasn’t just one building, but there were also adjoining buildings and at the opposite a huge greenhouse. I left my bike behind and I ventured myself inside the adjoining house. Nothing scary to be found, only not much left of what was once a cozy house. A small fire made a bigger mess in one of the rooms, a staircase with some missing steps and rubbish all over the floor in every room. Up next was the greenhouse, long and narrow with plants growing all over the place, yes it was very beautiful but eerie to see. A few pictures and then the building I actually came for, the main villa.

One peculiar thing was an actually very common thing in the early households before and during the time of the World War II. A good solution for a proper insulation of walls didn’t exist at that time.

They used local newspapers instead!

It is obvious that this building was left behind without inhabitants for many years and as these pictures show the villa has to be demolished and the site to be cleared for new property.

Which is really sad, but actually quite necessary. The building is not in a good state anymore and it would be dangerous to live in it.

And then there is the map of my route to this villa, as you can see it is 37.3 km in total, but it took me more than two hours and twenty minutes. The effort was well worth it in the end.

» Written by Alan who goes under the name of twin-rhino | Published on April 12, 2016