Zone Braams

Zone Braams

Mar 3, 2014 | Urban

Nicknamed Zone Braams because I have totally no idea


A huge whitish sphere somewhere in the fields of Flanders, looking impressively good for its age. At first you recognise a bit of a weird shape and what the heck is it doing there in the middle of nowhere, you ask yourself. Well, it’s simple. To hide a massive satellite for secret espionage purposes, of course! Although I’m not really sure if it was as secret as they wanted it to be because such a weird shape can be seen from far above ground and people will have their doubts of its purpose very quickly.

OK it’s a strange and ugly complex but I deared to sneak inside to explore the whole thing. I had found the satellite and stood there like: WOW, SO DAMN COOL!

December 2013

I stumbled upon this one by pictures on Facebook and with the help of my parents I knew its location very quickly. Known as het Pajottenland where the locals are called de Pajotten. Currently without a new job and doing a few tiny jobs as an extra for TV shows I had lots of time to explore abandoned sites and buildings, which I enjoy like crazy.

It was a cold day in December and after spending half a day working as an extra for a Belgian series called Vriendinnen in the Elzasstraat in Huldenberg I could finally be free to do whatevery I wanted to do. So, yes I had something special in mind. To visit this abandoned complex not that far away from where I was. And I will never regret that I made this decision.

In operation by the NAVO around 1969 and the last military personel left the complex in 2012. At the beginning of June 2014 the site was completely gone.

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» Written by Alan who goes under the name of twin-rhino | Published on March 3, 2014