A Belgian night club so famous it got its history poured into a film; Zillion.

A Belgian night club so famous it got its history poured into a film; Zillion.

© Brixius – Coupe Amarena

Zillion Achterkant Gebouw


The Idea Behind Zillion

Once a man “Frank Verstraeten” got kicked out of the well-known night club Carré due to reasons we all know they’re not very great, but thanks to this he decided to create his own night club or discotheek we like to call it here. With a magnificant technical infrastrure never seen before and he succeeded achieving this.

It was in 1996 when that very man and his business partners bought the sports hall “Going out” at the Jan Van Gentstraat 4 in Antwerp city. A year later construction finished and the club opened its doors on 16 October 1997.

He implemented impressive light shows with industrial laser systems and scanners.

Zillion Entrance Stairs - Ingang Trappen

© Photo by Alan Cuypers


International Fame

This mighty dance temple became instantly popular throughout Belgium, the Benelux and also eastern Europe. From the very start it attracted a lot of big media coverage and local shows where held here.

Even the restrooms were used in a video clip by the Dutch band the Vengaboys called “Boom, Boom, Boom“.

Zillion Restrooms
Zillion Restrooms Reflection in mirror
Zillion Restrooms

© Photos by Alan Cuypers


Its Impressive Mechanics

As a matter of fact we are not really into clubbing and night life in general, but we do like to read about local history despite not always being a very good one. We love exploring old and abandoned sites, just like this one and capture its interior for our ever-growing archive.

People will love to see these photos once again and by this medium we try to bring back the many memories this club created for thousands of people who enjoyed the nightlife in Antwerp city of Belgium.

Zillion met spinning heads

© Photo by Hannes Hulstaert



As a matter of fact we are not really into clubbing and night life in general, but we do like to read about local history despite not always being a very good one. We love exploring old and abandoned sites, just like this one and capture its interior for our ever-growing archive.

People will love to see these photos once again and by this medium we try to bring back the many memories this club created for thousands of people who enjoyed the nightlife in Antwerp city of Belgium.

© Photo collection from Zillion


Parties @ Zillion

48 Hours

None-stop Pure goodness.

During its peak around 5000 visitors came to party at Zillion every weekend. It was a great success.

People came from Belgium, The Netherlands, Europe and later on from every corner around the world just to see this place alone.

Zillion became famous for its long 4-hours parties like this one in the weekend of 19 December 2003, Zillion Reunion.

Tickets were sold at € 15,-
And minimum age was 18.

Zillion Reunion Party December 2003

Xmas Party

Survival of the fittest.

We found this invitation at Zillion during our visit, but we are not sure if this party ever existed.

If someone knows if it did. Let us know in the comments below…

FOU was the man himself, the owner of the Zillion, also known as Frank.

Zillion Xmas Party December 2004


Zillion Documentary

Nightlife isn’t always safe for everyone.

It comes with many attention and media coverage in case things go not as planned and just like this man hit the news for all sorts of things.

He even admits that he could land in jail if things went really bad.

The unfortunate events happened after all and his business had to close.

© Youtube | Zillion Documentary by Dirk leestmans

© Youtube | Memories @ Club ZILLION Antwerp ( retrohouse )


Zillion Merch

Zillion was all about merchandise, just like these couple stickers we found during our visit in July 2015.

Zillion Stickers Merch

© Zillion Merch


Zillion Tour

We were lucky enough to gain access to the Zillion thanks to a good friend. We have seen many rooms, but far from everything as it was a huge complex and also pitch-black dark. It was made impossible to enter and sunlight didn’t even go in an inch.

We used our flashlights and took long-exposure shots with our cameras. It was well worth the visit as we were born and raised not very far from this place, although we have never ever placed a foot inside this club. Especially abandoned buildings are our favorites. Hence the interest to see this place when there’s no people nor activity inside.

Time went by and so did this massive dance club and in 2017 it was demolished to make space for “The Residence” building and a gas station in the Jan Van Gentstraat.

© Photos by Alan Cuypers | 04/07/2015


Zillion Photo Album

Let’s take a look inside.

Unfortunately we didn’t see every single room or corridor of the whole complex. It was a very warm day in Antwerp and we arrived at the side entrance where the goods went in. Packed with our cameras, flashlights and tripods we opened the locked gate and went inside. Merchandise could be found anywhere as soon as we came in. Some still in good condition and made it to my house as a souvenir.

Too bad we didn’t film our footsteps and we only took photos, video simply gives your explores another dimension and much more memory for later use. The complex was huge and creapy at the same time. Darkness is a hard and scary thing, although our flashlights helped us see where we placed our feet. Rubbish, papers, equipment, electrical wires and other stuff were lying around everywhere.

Luckily we could see a safe floor to walk on as an abandoned omplex can be a little dangerous sometimes, we are very careful with what we do. Always, everytime!


Zillion Film

Zillion’s name resonates in meany people’s heads and it didn’t take much creativity to start making a film about its past. The Covid-19 pandemic slowed down the initial start of the production of the movie as it was originally planned for 2020. As of August 2021 the production could finally start.

Alan got the chance to play some minor extra roles in a couple TV series shot in Belgium and when he saw the word Zillion pop up on the “in the picture” website he immediately jumped right in and applied for a role.

It was so cool to be part of the set as a visitor and dance monkey of the Zillion club. He’s so lucky to have witnessed the production process of such a intriguing story of the not-so-far-from-his-door dance club Zillion.

Expected feature release date is October 2022.

Link to the IMDB page can be found here.

© Zillion Film Cast Reveal | 27/02/2020


Ice Cream

As a matter of fact we are not really into clubbing and night life in general, but we do like to read about local history despite not always being a very good one. We love exploring old and abandoned sites, just like this one to capture its interior for our ever-growing unique archive.

People will love to see these photos once again and by this medium we try to bring back the many memories this club created for thousands of people who enjoyed the nightlife in Antwerp, Belgium.

The boss of Zillion “Frank Verstraeten” started his career in 1989 by opening an electronic equipment shop  in his parents’ home town Sint-Brixius-Rode. It went bankrupt in 1995 after illegal activities broke his business down. Meanwhile in the same village his parents ran an ice cream parlour, which was a family business for decades. His brother continous their work and we did love the special taste of the ice cream a lot. We highly recommend visiting Brixius, you won’t regret it.

Frank was someone who loved nightlife like no other until he got kicket out of dance club Carré in Willebroek. From there he decided to open his own dance temple called Zillion.

Brixius Ice Cream - Coupe Zevende Hemel

© Brixius – Coupe Zevende Hemel

Brixius Ice Cream - Coupe Amarena Krieken

© Brixius – Coupe Amarena

Brixius For My Birthday 2021

© Celebrating Alan’s birthday at Brixius


Keeping History Alive

All we try to do is keeping bits and pieces of history alive through photos.

It takes a lot of research about all the places that we explore and not every detail might be correct or as accurate as in real life. Often history is forgotten or lost or deleted for all sorts of reason, that’s why we cannot guarantee that everything we right is correct. We apologize if something is incorrect, so please correct us if this is the case!

Please, leave a comment or email us at info@twin-rhino.be with the correct information and we will update this blog accordingly.

Twin Rhino | Alan Cuypers

Zillion seen from main stage - 2015

© Alan & Hannes

Have you ever been to Zillion?

Share in the comments section below!

What are your experiences with club Zillion?

What are your thoughts about life inside the Zillion? What did you like and what didn’t you like about it?

From what country where you from?

Which other club do you like most? In which country is it located and what is the music style?

Share your story in the comments below! 😎

The Altitude that changed his life – 08.09.2015

The Altitude that changed his life – 08.09.2015

The Altitude that changed his life – 08.09.2015

The Altitude that changed his life – 08.09.2015

How? You ask.


Let’s rewind to my early twenties, I was a young man who got involved in wall climbing thanks to my dad who was a climber himself and he often went to the climbing gym named Klimax. Which is a massive indoor and  outdoor climbing wall and it also has a very large boulder wall as well.

So, he said to me one day that I should start climbing and so this adventure started to take a big part in my life. Although I wasn’t competitive minded and I still am not, I did manage to pgo climbing every Monday evening together with a great group of people including Roger, Marc & Ben, among a few others.

And they convinced me to join their forces to the higher mountains since 2010. I was all prepared for the new adventure and we had a succesful trip to the highest mountain located within the borders of Switzerland, namely the Dom mountain, reaching an altitude of 4545 metres above sea level.

My very first 4000 + metre mountain was a great achievement for me. Which led us to two years later, again in the beautiful Switzerland with two more 4000 + metre mountains named Weissmies and the Allalinhorn.

After the second trip to the high Alps it was time for an Italian mountain named the Gran Paradiso. And it was there that I, oddly and unfortunately enough, had to slow down quite a bit. To mine and the other’s surprise I experienced a massive pain in both knees during the long traverse between two mountain huts due to too much force on my knees.

After this trip I had to take a break from climbing and mountaineering and to this very day I am still not going to even try to put too much force on my poor knees, although the desire to pick up climing and joining that amazing group of people on their hikes in my own country is in my head every single day.

By Alan Cuypers, once a climber, now a collector of old stories and waiting for my knees to completely recover, after which adventure awaits me once again.

My dad on the ice © X | xx.xx.xxxx

Italy 2015


It was the third time I would hike the high mountains with the same group as in 2010 & 2012, where we topped the Alphubel, Dome, Weismiess & Allalinhorn mountains in Switzerland. All reaching an altitude of 4000 metres above sealevel, with the highest among them being the Dom mountain lurking a shy 4545 metres into the sky. Ultimately we topped this one in a timespan of a mere 7 hours climb starting from the Domhütte at 2940 metres altitude.

Now, as we speak it was September 2015 when me and the group of 3 others would climb the Italian Gran Paradiso mountain and so we succeeded our goal. For me, it was tough, at least for my knees it was. It was the weight of the 16 kilos backpack and climbing rope on top on my back that was the killer of the trip. Another mistake of mine was not using walking sticks, but soon after I told my fellow colleagues about it, they gave me one to further support my right knee. I had lost a bit of hope on the day before our ultimate climb to the top of the Gran Paradiso, but after all I managed to reach the top with all of them, although at a slow pace when going down. I succeeded the climb but they had to operate my right knee on 10 November of 2015.

The operation wasn’t actually that bad, it just made me a bit more cautious when doing long hikes, putting too much force on them, among other things.

The Mont Blanc © Roger Goovaerts | 14.07.2012

Switzerland 2010


Let’s rewind to 2010, me counting 20 years of age, young and fearless, young and loving the high Alps, like a lot of us do, waiting for the moment of joy when reaching the highest point of the mountain covered in a white carpet of snow. Trust me, it’s truly asthonishing to actually stand above that thick layer of clouds hanging down below, and actually waiting just for you after finishing your exhausting yet beautiful adventure… Let’s hope they’re gone by then!

The cross at the top of the Allalinhorn © Marc Deschryver | 18.07.2012

The Dom mountain top © Marc Deschryver | 06.08.2010

The Group


Below picture was taken on the first of August of 2010 with from left to right, me (Alan), Marijke, Roger, Marc & Johan. All wonderful people with the love for climbing in their hearts. Me being clearly the youngest of them all going sharing the same goal as theirs, reaching every top on our list.

But first we have to reach the Fluhalp Hütte at a height of 2620 metres.

The Group – Day 1 | 01.08.2010

Refilling my water bottle | 01.08.2010

Reaching the Fluhalp Hütte | 01.08.2010

First time sleeping in a hut


I remember very well how it was, it was nice, at least this one. It’s big, comfortable, there are many rooms with different floors and the food is more than great. On these trips I always used to say: “the food’s more delicious over here than at home”, but nowadays I take back my words and I must say that mama’s cooking is still the best in the world. The experience I had was great and the view outside as spectacular as it could ever possibly get. White mountain tops all around us and a sweet view of the valley below us. There’s more adventure awaiting us the next day…

Taking a rest at the Fluhalp Hütte | 01.08.2010

Me looking out of a window in the Fluhalp Hütte | 01.08.2010

Posing in front of the Matterhorn mountain | 02.08.2010

Marc compairing the expanded Bifi Roll with his 2 fingers | 02.08.2010

The Glacier is melting | 02.08.2010

Täsch-Hütte this way… 1,30h? | 02.08.2010

Belaying my group over the pool passage | 02.08.2010

We’ve arrived at the Täsch-Hütte | 02.08.2010

How common is it to see photos of a dinner at the Täsch-Hütte? | 02.08.2010

Look at that view! | 03.08.2010

Look up, Alan! We’re reaching the Bivac. | 03.08.2010

The only picture I have from the Bivac of the outside. | 03.08.2010

View from the Bivac. | 04.08.2010

Above the cloud deck at the Bivac. | 04.08.2010

At the top of the Alphubel. | 04.08.2010

Italy 2015


And then came September 2015 with a new mountain peak to conquer called the Gran Paradiso located in the Graian Alps in Italy between the Aosta Valley and Piedmont regions, reaching a height of 4.061 metres above the sea.

All of which isn’t a huge height to climb, but I’ll try to keep the long story short…

It was the heavy weight on my knees and the rough terrain we had to endure in between the mountain refuges that became just a little too much for me. Also a bummer is that not using walking sticks whenever possible, is going to put too much force on your ligaments and therefor damage everything.

The Gran Paradiso as seen from the valley – 5 days before Gran Paradiso © Alan Cuypers | 04.09.2015

The beginning of the end – 1 day before Gran Paradiso | 08.09.2015

Refuge Frédéric Chabod – 1 day before Gran Paradiso | 08.09.2015

The Gran Paradiso


It was a very early morning after a good sleep at an altitude of 2.000 plus metres followed by a quick breakfast and getting outside to start the long hike to the peak as soon as possible

Our schedule looked like this:

Expected hour of arrival: 11 to 12 am.

Expected time back at the refuge: 5 to 6 pm.

Start of the day: 2 am.

Refuge Frédéric Chabod – Early morning next day | 09.09.2015

Flashlight trail | 09.09.2015

Ice crack on the glacier | 09.09.2015

Sun above the glacier | 09.09.2015

Statue Maria at top of Gran Paradiso | 09.09.2015

Roger looking back at the peak of Gran Paradiso | 09.09.2015

The lone ranger


To slowly recover from a rather painful and very exhausting hike two days earlier the group let met go back to the first refuge first. I was ok with the idea and started the long battle. This time my backpack weighed a lot less and I could walk somewhat comfortably to the refuge.

Two 3.000 metres ridges had to be climbed still, although they’re considered easy level, to me they felt quite decent. I knew already what was about to come.

The most difficult part was going down instead of up as it puts more force on the knees and legs, so this was to my disadvantage as there were a lot of altitudes to cover today.

Climbing down at the Via Ferrate next day | 10.09.2015

Cooling my feet in the fresh stream | 10.09.2015

Hi donkey | 10.09.2015

Today 2021


Today I feel very well, I must say. No pain in the knees, only during extensive force or long hikes I can feel discomfort in them. Short hikes and long biking trips are truly no problem whatsoever.

Let’s hope that all pain and discomfort goes away over time and that I can join my exuisite mouintaineering team to reach new heights!

I truly miss the high altitude and adventure within…

Alan Cuypers | Adventure is my middle name