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Protecting History

Is our goal
Something might just happen - Maginot Bunker

Maybe the image above doesn’t say you much, but to us, it does.

Think of the future, when all this will be demolished and long gone, erased from our delicate memories forever.

This is true, no matter what.

But, we try as hard as we can to capture our past footsteps and traces of humanity in our world with the help of our cameras. Therefor we crafted this website together to show you traces of your footsteps. Traces of building blocks, roads leading nowhere, memorials revealing our history and so much more.

All things created in this world was created with a purpose, believe it or not. It is.

Take this alley in Hong Kong for example. Will it survive the new today, the near future of top-of-the-line construction, will this alley still be here when you read this in – let’s say – 2030 or 2040? Maybe or maybe not!

That’s why we think that is important to keep taking pictures and document the things we like to ignore they are still present.

These two brand-new towers in Hong Kong are proof of our forever growing economies around the globe and the need for newer and higher structures which we demand. Some think they’re ugly, some think they’re scary and for some this is a good way forward to that perfect sustainable future.

But don’t you wonder what stood here before?

We do! Every day, we see something being demolished or converted into something new. Being it a failed attempt at restoring its past history or being a grand success at keeping its history, in both ways it lost its memoires, its chique, its atmosphere, everything it lost.

Make way for something new

Hong Kong | December 2018

Our oldest photograph from our archive

BBH – Oil Company located at the Blue Gate Antwerp, previously known as Petroleum-Zuid.

On this terrain is DHL and BlueChem already settled and will be accompanied by a new prison in the year 2024.

Taken with a Leica DIGILUX 3 | 12 May 2010 | BBH Antwerp South

Taken with a Leica DIGILUX 3 | 1 July 2010 | BBH Antwerp South

What can you do with photography ?

Preserve History, Memories, Emotions, ...

Preserving History

In the form of a blog