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The 🌏 needs more entertainment, that’s a straight fact!

Here, at Twin Rhino’s portal we try to spoil your sences with a little more of the positive, more of the beautiful, more of the exciting, more of the everything, as best as we can.

Let us introduce, the creator behind this platform:

They have called me Alan Grant from Jurassic Park and I must say that it quite suits me! Haha

Alan 💙

Alan portrait from 2016

Our explores go a long way

Who is him on the left? He is my bestie Hannes. We met when we were 14 years old and did many adventures together, kind of growing up together every weekend at each other’s places.


We were always intriged by what people left behind, the rotten, the forgotten, the sudden escape or simply no use to stay.

We explored many things like tunnels, theme parks, houses, industrial sites, casinos, restaurants, military buildings and sites, castles, and lots more.

Capturing past memoires of the human traces is what we love most.

Enter Here

Creator of this photographic blog



Photo, Web, Drafting, Exploring

I am the creator of this website named after my horoscope and favourite animal, the rhinoceros. Hence the combined name of Twin Rhino. From the beginning it was my purpose to showcase my love for photography and adventure. It became a mix of interesting photos of my holidays and explores.

Now, just need to find a structure and good content to fill up the blank space it beholds.

This place was dope!

A party temple like no other, explored.

I didn't enjoy this salty *hit! Hah 😎

I was born in Antwerp, but raised in the land of vacation by the most amazingparents in the world.

Us 4 kids could not ask for more.

Interested in all our memorable vacations?

But vacation and cycling I do enjoy!

From a very young age my parents took me to many countries and Normandy in France will always be a beautiful paradise for driving around by bike and by car.

Click the link below to find out where I am today and tomorrow…

Hippodroom Groenendaal - 2010

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